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Enhanced Absorption Hemp Oil Soft Gel Capsules formulated in a digestible LCT oil (in capsules) outperforms MCT oil to provide greater ability to predominantly transport active ingredients into the lymphatic system and partially avoid a first pass metabolism. Therefore, it helps to achieve much higher bioavailability (12 – 18%) and long-lasting health supporting effect. Supports healthy immune system, overall body strength and homeostasis Administer regularly to achieve the best and consistent results


Get the relief you deserve and help alleviate chronic pain, stress, and anxiety with these ultra-efficacious hemp extracted cannabinoids softgels. Improve sleep and joint health. LCT oil base may help support the health of your heart, brain, and blood sugar.  LCT oil naturally derived from Hemp seeds is the perfect healthy carrier oil for 15mg of active ingredient.

High Strength hemp oil supplement for pain, anxiety, and stress relief. Provides back, muscle, joint, and systemic whole body pain relief

Each softgel serving is 15mg providing the ideal amount for relief from insomnia, anxiety, pain, inflammation and many other health concerns

Hemp Oil extract soft gels are easy to swallow and provide accurate dosing

Suggested Use: One serving (1 capsule) twice per day or as directed by your healthcare professional.  Administer regularly to achieve the best overall results.

CBD Oil SoftGel Capsules (60 Counts), 900mg, Enhanced Absorption

SKU: NBH-0004
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